What MAS Tech Can Do For Your Career

If you’re an IT job seeker, starting your job search with a technical placement agency is a great idea.

Every successful job seeker will tell you that networking is the key to getting a great paying, rewarding job that can and will reward you for years to come.

But what if you don’t have those contacts?

You certainly can’t take time to build them, when bills are piling up and you need a quick solution.

So what do you do?

Your best option is a technical placement agency. Let them use their contacts in the business world and beyond to get you the perfect position in the IT industry. Things worth doing are worth doing right, and partnering with MAS Technology Staffing, one of the elite technical placement agencies, is the right way to get your perfect position.

Getting a great job is not as easy as it might sound. MAS prides itself on being one of the rare breed of technical placement agencies who know their employers well enough, and screen their applicants thoroughly enough, to be able to find a match that is great for both sides.

As an employee, searching for a reliable, professional technical placement agency can be a daunting task. But, trusting your placement search to the professional staffing specialists at MAS Tech can be the best move you can make for your career.

Whether you are new to the field, just out of school and looking for your first real-world experience, or if you are a veteran of years of IT work, MAS Technology Staffing will find you a position that will reward you financially and in your career goals!

Our areas of expertise include:

• Build / Release Engineering
• Clinical Software Engineering
• Database Development / Management
• Design Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
• Embedded Engineering
• Emergency Dept. Info Systems (EDIS)
• Enterprise Document Management
• Imaging Management
• Epic / McKesson / NextGen
• Field Service Engineering
• Hardware Engineering
• Health IT Staffing
• Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE)
• Healthcare Information Systems (HIS)
• Imaging / Medical Imaging Software
• iOS / Android
• Java Development / Engineering
• Linux / Unix
• Mainframe IT
• Mechanical Engineering
• Medical Device
• Meditech
• Mobile Applications / Technologies
• Network Analyzing / Architecture
• Network Engineering
• Process Engineering
• Product Design / Management
• Program Management / Project Management
• Quality Assurance / Quality Engineering
• Software Architecture / Development
• Software Engineering
• System Administration / Analyzing
• System Engineering
• Technical Support Engineering
• Test / Validation Engineering
• UI / UX Development
• Web Applications / Development
• …and more!

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