What Makes Database Administrators so Valuable?

Database administrators come in a variety of flavors. From .NET to SQL to Oracle, these IT professionals are responsible for the huge databases required by most corporations and businesses today.

One of the values of a good database administrator is in developing and maintaining service on computer systems, increasing reliability of the digital operational systems of their organization and operational support on a day-to-day basis. This allows them to save the company money on an on-going basis.

With provisions of the healthcare laws going into effect over the next few years, hospitals, healthcare centers and other wellness organizations will be required to greatly increase their already substantial record-keeping. This not only means that the databases in place will become larger, but the number of databases that will be held by a typical organization will multiply as well. With all that new data, healthcare organizations especially will be buying and upgrading to new servers and computer systems. Many of these upgrades will require migrations from one database system to another. This makes for a gold mine of work for database administrators, and it makes database admins as valuable as gold to these affected industries!

Few things can be as costly or damaging to an organization as the loss of their database information. That is another reason why database administrators are so valuable to an organization. A good person in this essential position will help ensure that data is not lost in the first place and that several redundant layers of backup are available if something does go wrong. That means that even in cases where the company takes a severe hit, if the databases go back up quickly, damage is mitigated. This is another valuable aspect of a great database administrator.

If you are already a database administrator, you know how valuable you can be. Contact MAS Healthcare & Technology, and see what they know about where you can find a position that will suit your talents, wants and aspirations.

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