UI Development Jobs

UI development jobs and UX development jobs are part of a growing trend to make websites not only more dynamic and interesting, but to actually take into account the nature of the human mind, desires of the general public and more to create an all-around user experience for an organization’s presence on the web.

There was a time not long ago when web designers were expected to envision the website they were designing and build it from beginning to end, all by themselves, or with the assistance of a few select others. That is no longer the case, as front-end designers (those creating the parts of the website a user actually sees) split off from back-end designers, who focused their efforts on the databases and systems on which websites rely. Now, more and more companies are dividing the design team even further, adding UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) designers on board to further enhance the usability of their websites.

A UI Developer is more of a front-end person, working with the design of the site, and most of what a user views when they visit. The work closely with back end personnel, including application developers, in order to make sure that the background systems of websites work.

The UX designer also works on design, but leaves the front-end work to the UI developer. Instead, a UX development professional will focus his or her time on researching what makes viewers enjoy websites, and what functions are most desired by end users.

If a UI or UX development job sounds appealing to you and you think that it may fit for your personality and qualifications, contact MAS Healthcare & Technology today and see what they can do to help you find the perfect position as a User Interface or User Experience designer. If you are already in the field and are looking to move or just find a new position, MAS is the place to start.

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