Software QA Engineer Jobs

Software Quality Assurance engineers are the happiest people in the country when it comes to their job. That’s not just hyperbole either – a study of happiness as far as it relates to different professions was carried out by and reported by Forbes earlier this year. SQA Engineers were the happiest workers of all the professions tested!

The job pays well, and that may be part of the appeal for Software QA Engineers, but is certainly not the only one. SQA Engineers interviewed were also the happiest with their bosses, workplace and overall environment.

SQA Engineers are also needed for final approval on software before it hits the market – this is very empowering, and holds a great deal of responsibility and reward.

SQA managers can lead whole teams of software testers as well as being responsible for software testing strategies, preparation and review of test plans and reports, and resource management along with training and monitoring.

Since many SQA engineers play a vital role in the testing of software as it is being developed and are reviewing code as it is added, a great SQA engineer is a necessity for any company developing new programs for computers, phones, tablets or personal devices.

Many software quality assurance engineers are hired with just a bachelors degree in a computer-related field. What is most important is a willingness to take the time to carefully test the software, patience in methodical, thorough testing methods and the ability to get along and work well with others.

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