Product Management Jobs in New England

Product Managers are often responsible for researching new products from the initial inquiries of the various options available on the market through the selection of the brand, model or variety desired, then the development of that product into a new line for the company. Once the product is adopted, the product manager will then head up duties managing the development of the product. But new products aren’t the only place where product managers can be found. It is quite common for product management jobs to entail professionals working on increasing the profitability of current product lines.

No matter if you work on new or old products, you will likely be doing a lot of surveys and other market surveys in order to determine what lines are likely to be successful or people’s attitudes surrounding a current mainstay product for a company. You are also likely to have to develop an entire plan of how to get the featured item out to the marketplace, and distributed to your desired demographic.

Product management jobs can be found throughout many industries, including technology, banking, insurance and far more. Nearly every large manufacturer now hires product managers to oversee the creation of new products before bringing them to the marketplace.

A typical product manager is someone who likes to step back and “see the whole picture” of a product, as well as its influence on the company’s profits and future. Combining knowledge of both business and new technologies is essential to a successful product manager. Communications is vital, as a Product Manager not only needs to learn how to successfully interact, but also teach and learn from his or her co-workers and the general public.

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