MAS Picks: Top 10 IT Blogs

MAS Picks: Top 10 IT Blogs

The original blogs were more like an online diary, but over the years they have morphed into a mainstream source of the latest information on nearly any topic. Now millions of people rely on them to keep them in the loop. Tech blogs are particularly vital to the IT community in order to stay current on news, trends, reviews, and to answer the questions that have us stumped.

In no particular order, we present the top 10 IT blogs that you should be following.

1.       Google Official Enterprise Blog

If you live on this planet then you need to know Google. The mega-giant search engine is taking the world over in other areas as well, including alternative energy and thermostats for your home. There are several Google blogs on everything from Gmail to Chrome to Webmaster Central, but a good place to start is the Official Enterprise Blog, which is home to information about everything Google. The simply named “Official Blog” is also great for “insights from Googlers into [their] products, technology, and the Google culture.”

2.       Computerworld

Computerworld is a compilation of several different blogs. The oldest IT magazine has added bloggers like IT Blogwatch by Richi Jennings and “Sharky” at Shark Tank to deliver you the most relevant IT news, as well as fun anecdotes only true techies will understand.

3.       How-To Geeks

Everyone comes across a problem every now and then that they can’t solve on their own. How-To Geek has all the answers. With article sections on Windows, Linux, mobile, hardware, IT tech, and more, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Peruse the site in your downtime and you will know what to do before the conundrum even happens! To top it off there are gadget reviews and games.

4.       IT Knowledge Exchange

Like How-To-Geeks, IT Knowledge Exchange is a great resource if you have a question. Featuring blogs, it also hosts IT discussions and allows you to search over 100,000 IT Q&As from your peers. Tap into the collective knowledge of IT professionals like you.

5.       IntoMobile

Mobile app developers take notice. IntoMobile is your source for information and analysis on the latest mobile phones and their technology. Use it as an IT professional and as a consumer to find everything you could ever want to know about a mobile product.

6.       AndroidTapp

If you are looking for one of the best resources for consumer reviews of mobile apps for the Android operating system, as well as industry news, and interviews with other mobile application developers, then AndroidTapp is your place. Started by industry expert Antonio Wells, AndroidTapp lets you get the inside scoop on thousands of apps before you buy them. You might even see what others are saying about your own app.

7.       CMS Report

CMS Report has been putting focus on content management systems since 2006. Topics include content and document management, social publishing, web design, and more. Read thousands of articles from over 300 different authors or even submit one of your own if you think you have something worthwhile to say about IT.

8.       TechCrunch

TechCrunch is one of the biggest tech blogs on the internet. They have their own network of sites and a massive team to boot. CrunchBase, its database of startups, can be edited by anyone and provides information about tech companies, people, and investors in the industry. Find the latest Meetup + Pitch-Off events, and see what’s trending in the tech world.

9.       ZDNet

One of the oldest existing tech websites (around for over 20 years!), ZDNet has been spilling out tech news for ages. They have long since become a leading go-to blog. Check them out for the 24/7 news coverage on Google, Microsoft, and Apple, as well as product reviews, software downloads, trend analysis that matters to IT professionals.

10.   Mashable

Everyone needs a little entertainment in their life, and Mashable will give you just that. While you are checking out the frequently updated tech sections for your IT gig on apps, software, gadgets, development, design, and mobile, don’t forget to play around with some of the other areas of the site too. Mashable lives up to its name, mashing together business, world news, entertainment, memes, and so much more. The blog seems to be endless.

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