Make Your IT Resume Stand Out

make your IT resumes stand outSure, you’ve got the basics. You only concentrate on jobs you’re qualified for. You cater your cover letters and objective statements to each position and employer (very important), and you’ve let another pair of eyes proof your resume to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

But, you’re still not getting any interviews. Truth is, there are lots of resumes like yours. Lots of people are qualified, lots of people have experience. You have to make your resume stand out. If it stands out, it’ll make it into the call-back pile.

Objective statement. Think of this as your sales pitch. If you don’t grab the hiring manager’s attention in the first ten seconds, you’ve probably lost their interest. Don’t even THINK about using an objective statement you found online – those stick out, but not in a good way. Be a little creative. If you’re lacking the creative gene, ask a friend or family member to help you spruce it up a bit.

Defining traits. The defining traits that make you the employee you are should be listed prominently and clearly in the top half of your resume, preferably under your objective statement. Try not to list more than five – too many bulleted traits are overkill.

List of accomplishments. Here’s the thing – hiring managers don’t want just a list of your job responsibilities. They want to hear about the results of those job responsibilities, and how your company benefited from those results. Numerical results are key. If you implemented a new software that increased productivity by almost 50%, that should be on there.

Length. People have different rules when it comes to the length of a resume. You’ve probably heard the “NEVER go over one page” rule. Our take on it is, if you have experience and accomplishments that take up two pages – you’re probably a candidate that the employer will want to talk to.

Take it online. You’re a techie! Don’t you think you should have some sort of online component to your resume? Even something as small as listing the link to your LinkedIn profile – things like that can get you ahead.

Remember to keep it simple and direct. Stay confident.

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