Java Developers: 6 Tips To Improve Your Resume

Java Developers: 6 Tips To Improve Your Resume

Everyone makes resume mistakes that can lead to getting put in the rejection pile. It is very common, since most people use a template they found in Microsoft Office or on the internet. However, most of these are generic and do not fit the unique needs of a resume for to land Java development jobs. A Java developer’s resume needs to reflect their experience and skills in a way that conveys that they are the best at what they do. Otherwise, the resume will appear to be the same as every other applicant’s. Take yours to the next level with these 6 tips:

1.    Talk less about everyday duties and more about unique achievements. Every other Java developer is going to include things like “fixed bugs” on their resume, too. Make yours stand out above the rest by talking about special projects you initiated or were selected for. Hiring companies want to know what you did that was an accomplishment, not just the mundane tasks that you were told to do.

2.    Use metrics to quantify your achievements. The best way to showcase your achievements is with numbers, such as dollar amounts you helped your employer save or percentages. These statistics help the person interviewing you to see the potential you have to help them. When you do list duties, you can also use numbers. For example, “managed 50 employees.” Quantities add credibility to your statements. It can be a challenge for an IT professional to come up with numbers that place a value on what they do, but they are very beneficial to your resume if you can include them.

3.    Don’t fill space by writing about what the organization you work for does. This is seen by potential employers as a red flag that you don’t have enough experience and are trying to make your resume seem more impressive than it really is. They don’t care what the company or group you worked with does. They want to know what you did.

4.    Introduce yourself in your resume. When you submit a resume you are typically not there to give the back story about who you are and why you want the position. While adding objectives to the top of your resume is outdated, do include an introduction. You might include your title (ex. Senior Java Developer) and then a short paragraph that includes some key skills. You will also have a technical skills section, but this is a good place to showcase your more important ones that you want to be noticed right away. The summary will help the reader to build context about you and how you would fit into the position.

5.    Include expertise you gained on your own. Employers want to know that a developer is learning and developing skills of their own volition, but it can be difficult to reflect this on your resume. As more developers are taking part in open source projects, they may be listing FOSS experience as a job. It is recommended that open source projects that you do to gain marketable skills should be listed on your resume separately from professional experience. You might include these under personal and academic experience. However, there is no need to mention every open source project you have ever worked on. Interviewers will ask about it if it is on your resume, so only list the ones that you feel are important and relevant to the job you are applying for. Also, as with your work experience, be sure to be specific about the project and how you contributed.

6.    Organize your technical skills. A long list of technical expertise will look like a bunch of buzzwords and random letters that the interviewer will find it difficult to scan, so they may just skip over that section entirely. You do not want that. Instead, include subsections with labels like “languages,” “frameworks,””servers,” etc. Also, be specific about your skills. Saying you have J2EE experience doesn’t inform them if you have 6 months of experience or 6 years of experience. There is a big difference.

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