IT Staffing in New England

IT staffing in New England is a booming industry in one of the most technologically-centered areas of the country. With our bitter winters and short growing season, New England adapted quickly to the Industrial Revolution, and it is quickly embracing the Information Revolution as well!

IT workers are needed throughout New England, in all fields and industries. Some, however, are even more in need than others.

Healthcare is one industry which has a need for IT professionals right now, especially for positions in electronic medical records jobs and order entry systems. IT staff support positions and IT professionals working with clinical software implementation are also in high demand.

In a 2009 article, U.S. News and World Report listed Boston as the second-best city in the country (after only Atlanta) to be working in the IT field. MIT and Harvard were considered to be strong reasons for the availability of IT-related positions there, as well as their high average pay. Lowell, Massachusetts, just 30 miles northwest of Boston was found to have the highest average pay anywhere in the country for IT staff positions. Don’t forget that Microsoft opened its first east-coast research lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts!

Whether you want a position in the ever-changing landscape of New Hampshire, the gentle rolling green hills of Vermont, among the art and culture of Massachusetts, or down on the beautiful coast of Rhode Island or Connecticut – with her stylish areas, New England is a wonderful place with plenty of IT jobs.

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