IT Staffing in New England

IT staffing is one of the areas where New England is likely to find much of its job growth over the next several years. Always a leader in the electronic age, the northeast, in particular Boston, is an area ripe with jobs in the information technology field.

The two areas which are expected to see the greatest growth in the coming years are healthcare and life sciences.

The amount of information that is required to catalog and track every bit of information that is being continually being uncovered in human genomes alone is daunting. But even that is just one small part of the behemoth record-keeping that is required in just the various branches of the life sciences.

Healthcare, of course, is something we all require at some point in our lives, and with each visit, admission and discharge, medical procedure done or medicine given, electronic records are generated that must be held onto for years to decades. Electronic health records (EHR’S) and order entry systems require IT staff support positions and IT professionals working with clinical software implementation.

U.S. News and World Report listed Boston as the second-best city in the country (after only Atlanta) to be working in the IT field in 2009. Harvard, and MIT were considered to be strong reasons for the availability of IT-related positions in New England’s largest city. It also, they opined, played part in the area’s above average pay. Lowell, Massachusetts, 30 miles northwest of Boston was found to have the highest average pay anywhere in the country for IT staff positions. When the time came for Microsoft to open its first east-coast research lab, they chose to make their home away from home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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