How to Best Interview a Technology Staffing Agency

How to Best Interview a Technology Staffing Agency

Technology staffing in any capacity requires the right talent matched with the right project, at the right time.

Picture this: your company is looking to integrate its multi-location network with cloud-based applications.

The objective is to facilitate remote collaboration between locations, as well as increase overall data capacity.

But here’s the challenge–the project will take a minimum of six months. And, your IT department is busy with maintaining day-to-day operations.

Further, your full-time IT people aren’t specialists in this particular area. In fact, they’ll even need to be trained to use the new system once it’s in place.

Technology staffing in any capacity requires the right talent matched with the right project, at the right time.Click To Tweet

So what are your options for a technology staffing challenge?

First, you could ask your current IT team to reschedule and redistribute responsibilities in order to accommodate this project. But they already have their hands full, and may not possess the necessary skills.

Second, you could recruit a team of full-time IT specialists. However, recruiting full-time employees takes time and resources. In addition, you only need this team for a limited amount of time. So adding full time hires isn’t a cost-effective option.

Third, you could outsource the entire project to an IT firm that specializes in this kind of project. This is a viable option, but it’s likely to be a costly endeavor. Plus, there’s always more risk involved when you outsource projects.

Fourth, you could recruit a number of independent workers for the duration of the project. The disadvantages include increased risk, as well as a possibility of misclassifying the workers (especially if they’re using resources provided by your company).

There’s also a fifth option: hiring a technology staffing agency to recruit a temporary team for you.

Working with a technology staffing company has a number of distinct advantages:

  • Access to a large pool of qualified candidates.
  • You’re not bound to any full-time contracts for a temporary project.
  • It unburdens your Human Resources from having to recruit candidates, and new hire orientation.
  • You don’t have to worry about worker misclassification.
  • There’s less risk involved.

How can you be sure a specific technology staffing agency is the best partner for your company?

The answer is that you don’t—until you’ve done your homework about the company. And that means you should research the agencies you’re interested in, until one stands out as offering the best ROI.

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Research the agencies you’re interested in until one stands out as offering the best ROI.Click To Tweet

Here’s how to go about best interviewing technology staffing agencies:

1. Pinpoint a number of potential agencies.

There are a number of ways to do this. You likely already know the names of large, nationwide agencies.

You can also use LinkedIn to locate tech recruiters in your area. Don’t shy away from smaller, niche agencies that specialize in tech candidates.

2. Do your background research about each agency.

Using both the company website and Google, find out how long it’s been in business.

What does their client list look like? What types of talent do they place?

It’s also a good idea to research the leadership of each company by reviewing their LinkedIn profiles.

3. Set up a meeting to discuss your talent needs.

Once you’ve narrowed your list down to two or three agencies, set up a meeting with each.

Define your project, and ask if they have talent with the specialties you need.

4. Find out what screening methods(s) the agency uses.

It’s essential to know their strategy to make sure candidates will thrive in your company culture, especially when it comes to tech talent.

As Mie-Yun Lee points out in her Entrepreneur article How to Choose a Temp Agency, depending on the position, it can be important to do an in-person interview as well as computer screening.

5. Inquire about procedures, pricing, risk control, and guarantees.

Always inquire about these specifics before choosing an agency.

It’s imperative that you’re clear on exactly how their procedures work, what their pricing is, and how they go about risk management.

At the same time, remember to ask about guarantees. Some agencies waive fees and/or provide replacement candidates if one doesn’t work out.

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6. Ask for references.

The best way to find out if an agency can make good on its promises, is to speak with someone who’s already used their services.

Ask for the names and contact details of a number of clients, and follow up with them.

7. Find out which agent will be handling your account.

Will you be working with an experienced agent that has proven expertise in this area of technology staffing?

Or is it someone who’s new to the job?

Make sure you’re comfortable with the recruiter assigned to your account.


Working with a technology staffing agency can provide your company with the expertise and manpower you need to recruit top talent for temporary projects.

And with the pointers above in mind, you’ll be able to determine in an interview whether a particular agency is the right partner for your company.

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