How To Develop a Successful Relationship with Your IT Recruiter

How to Develop a Successful Relationship with Your IT Recruiter

An IT recruiter is a top resource to help find a new engineering job, project management job, mainframe IT job, or other technology jobs.

But how do you forge a successful relationship with your recruiter? How do you build that trust, to know that your recruiter has your best interests at heart?

Keep the following in mind, and you’re likely to see a productive work relationship develop into a friendly relationship that benefits both your career and personal goals.

Start your relationship on the right foot.

So you’ve lined up a meeting with a recruiter, but remember: arrive ready to impress, so a recruiter can feel good about representing you.

Arriving in a professional mode, as if your first meeting is a standard job interview, will show your recruiter how serious you are in pursuing a new IT job.

Shake hands, dress well, speak confidently, and arrive prepared, with resume and references in hand.

The recruiter wants to see who they’ll be sending to potential employers.

After a bit, your conversation will likely become more personal and informal, and you’ll be able to develop your own comfort level with your recruiter.

Just having a phone meeting? Try to get to a quiet room and make sure to have your resume in front of you.

Open, honest communication.

The most important thing for you to bring to this work relationship is an honest evaluation of your career goals and personal needs.

Your recruiter may ask you lots of questions, but those queries are helping them get to know you, your personality, your personal needs, and your IT goals.

Don’t put up a wall; just be as honest as possible so that your recruiter can best represent you to potential IT employers and be selective with opportunities that will fit you best.

And always disclose your other job search efforts, whether it be about organizations you’ve contacted directly, or if you are working with another recruiter.

A good recruiter knows it’s a tough market and will encourage you to continue your job search from multiple angles; but your disclosure about those efforts will help keep your recruiter from duplicating your efforts.


Even if you’ve been honest with your recruiter on all the strengths you can bring to your employer, you may sometimes find yourself at an interview that leaves you scratching your head and saying, “How did I end up here?” or “What was the recruiter thinking?

The match up may be based more on your skills, especially if your IT recruiter is still trying to understand your personality.

No matter the reason, just be honest with your feedback, and patient with the results. Each interview is practice for you, and your feedback helps to narrow down future placements.

Also, remember that recruiters are constantly developing relationships with businesses and organizations that are on the hunt for new IT staff.

Even if the perfect job for you isn’t on your recruiter’s desk at your first meeting, it may develop in a week or two, and your recruiter will be one of the first to know.

Keep in touch!

After a successful placement, take the time to keep in touch with your recruiter.

In this tumultuous job market of layoffs and downsizing, you never know when your recruiter may be able to help you again. Plus, keeping in touch allows you to provide feedback about the organization in which you’ve been placed, which helps your recruiter better understand that organization’s structure for future placements.

Often, through the process of getting to know each other, you and your recruiter may actually develop a friendship that allows feedback and career counseling that lasts well into your successful career.

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