Field Service Engineering Careers

Field service engineer jobs are a natural fit for someone who loves to figure out problems.

As a field service engineer, you will work with entire systems, identifying problems where they exist, isolating the technical problem(s) at hand, and recommending solutions. This type of position is ideal for someone who has a natural talent at facilitating conversation between the IT community and those who work with budgets and costs. The reason for this is that potential solutions to difficulties can offer wildly varying costs, and a good field service engineer is able to explain the pros and cons of each potential solution, in non-technical language, to those who control the purse strings.

In addition, you will be expected to keep careful records pertaining to the performance of the systems in day-to-day operation, as well as maintainence and repair histories for networks and more. You will play a part in any future upgrade that your employer makes to their network or other IT systems, for field service engineers are relied upon for their knowledge of potential hardware and software systems. You will also be leaned upon for your recommendations for testing, as well as ideas to lessen maintenance costs and downtime.

Not only is the position financially rewarding, but being a field service engineer means your opinion makes a big difference on a wide variety of technological systems for your organization.

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