Do You Have What it Takes to be an IT Project Manager?

If you have been working in the IT field for quite some time, then at some point or another, the thought might have occurred to you that you should look for IT project management jobs. No doubt, management jobs in the IT field hold great potential, but do you really have what it takes to be an IT project manager?

In the IT field, the individual who has a comprehensive background in software development and bears responsibility of managing all IT-related projects is known as the IT project manager. The waterfall model is taken into account in conventional IT project management, through adaptive and simpler methods such as DSDM. SCRUM and XP are also included in this field. Development of new software systems that support gradual and small scale develop cycles to ensure an organization’s growth is what an IT project manager aspires to achieve.

Having detailed and thorough knowledge of the following is essential for anyone pursuing IT project management jobs:

  • Application development
  • Logical and physical data base design
  • Networking
  • Solicitation

Developing and executing internet technology of professional laboratory-related projects are among the responsibilities that one would be taking up as an IT manager. Working your way through the ranks of different IT professionals within a technologically savvy organization on a full-time basis will be a necessary aspect of IT project management.

Having a 4 year degree in computer science, information technology or any relevant IT related field will be a major requirement if you are interested in becoming an IT project manager. As an alternative, you can even enroll in a specialized computer trade school in order to seek IT education in IT project management. Many employers will allow your classroom education to act as a substitute for the necessary practical experience. Depending on the IT project management jobs you will be seeking, you might also need to have a bit of background and experience in engineering, too.

As an IT project management professional, the knowledge that you gain while studying will help you acquire all the necessary skills. Employers might also expect you to have a PMP designation that you can acquire from the Project Management Institute, some graduate technical qualification or an advanced degree in a field like MSPM. As an IT project manager, you will need to have the skills of aiding projects to meet deadlines and empowering employees to put in their best efforts.

Doing some freelancing can help you acquire the right kind of training that will take you closer to your goal of becoming an IT manager. You can go a long way if you have prior experience in the IT project management field. Until the year 2014, significant growth is expected to occur in the career prospects for the IT project management field.

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