7 Application Developer Interview Questions to Prepare For

7 Application Developer Interview Questions to Prepare For

Naturally, in order to earn the big bucks, you must first ace the job interview.

The key to a successfully answering application developer interview questions, is preparation. Your responses should reflect your technical expertise as well as a passion for technology.

Whether you haven’t been on an interview in quite a while, or this is your first one, here are some questions you should be ready to answer:

Application Developer Interview Questions

1. Where can I find an example of your work?

If you’ve created an app, or been fundamental in its development, your future employer will want to know about it. Provide them with links to your apps from Google Play, Apple’s iOS App Store or BlackBerry App World.

Having multiple finished products ready to show will allow you to demonstrate that you can meet their needs, and have the skills and experience to do so.

You should also be prepared to share a list of your current and past clients if an interviewer is interested in verifying with them that you indeed created the apps you said you did.

2. Can you tell me about a project that didn’t work out?

Are you a human or a machine? Your success stories are already known by the interviewer based on your resume.

Although those accomplishments are certainly at the top of the list of things they want to hear about, weaknesses are also important. They assure the interviewer that you are a well-rounded individual with your own set of flaws, and they want to know how they come through in the workplace.

Is there a glaring problem, or something that can easily be worked on? Tales of mishaps also help employers understand how you overcome challenges and compensate for your weak points.

3. What kind of special features do you have experience with?

Out of all our examples of application developer interview questions, this one is straightforward and very common.

Impress the employer with a list of all the most current, useful, and innovative features you have experience with and how you applied them to some of the apps you’ve developed. They are less interested in how long you have been using a certain technique, and more with what you have been doing with a particular skill.

4. How will you test my app?

Once the product is finished, it must be tested. Be prepared to thoroughly explain your beta testing process and how you solve problems that arise.

Give a rough timeline of how long this generally takes you.

5. What are you working on right now at home?

Employers want to know that your skills are not rusty and that you are driven to excel beyond the walls of the workplace. It shows this is more than just a job and that you still find an element of fun in it.

Side projects also allow developers to expand their craft and try out new techniques.

If you don’t have any side projects, be prepared to explain why.

6. What are you currently exploring in beta?

As is common with nearly all technology, since its release in 2008 Android has gone through numerous updates. If developers want to stay ahead of the curve, they need to become aware of these advancements well before the general public gets their hands on a new product.

Developers generally get a preview to verify that their apps are still in working order with new versions. Playing with the latest technologies signals you are staying up-to-date in an ever changing facet of our world and that you have a desire to learn and evolve.

7. What kind of smartphone do you have?

No, the interviewer is not in the market for a new mobile device.

They are asking you because they want to know that you actually use the type of apps you build. If you develop Android apps, but have an iPhone for personal use, it will call into question your confidence in your work.

Using your own apps, and others in your downtime, proves you stand by your own product.

Now that you know what to expect, go out and put your knowledge to use! Apply to MAS Technology Staffing by sending us your resume. We’ll help you find the right jobs that match your skill set!

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