5 Skills Needed for a Great Quality Assurance Engineer

5 Skills Needed To Be A Great Quality Assurance Engineer

An effective Quality Assurance Engineer is going to be responsible for the final checks on products, systems and software, so they need to be individuals with diverse skill sets.

Let’s look at the five skills that every great QA Assurance Engineer must have:

1- Communication

Since you will be responsible for communicating with a wide range of people from your team and others, your communication skills have to be suited to expressing ideas and concepts to people both inside and outside your familiar fields. This means not only expressing ideas, but carefully listening to the needs, concerns and desires of others.

2- Diplomatic

You must be diplomatic. Many people can spend years working on programs, products and systems and are very proud of what they do.

You’ll have to be able to communicate concerns and challenges with their systems to them without appearing harsh or speaking in a derogatory manner.

3-Product Knowledge

You need to know your product inside and out.

Through thorough testing and tweaking, a good Quality Assurance Engineer gets to have intimate knowledge of their product, and is able to use that knowledge to benefit both that project, as well as future endeavors.

4- Creativity

The position requires creativity and out-of-the-box thinking which will help you find bugs that others may miss.


You must have tenacity and be determined. No small corner can be left unchecked when you are searching for potential problems in new designs.

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