5 Qualities That Make a Great IT Manager

The role of an IT manager is not the same as it has been in years past, nor can it be expected to be with the changes constantly occurring in the fields of technology and business. Today’s IT managers function differently than in the past, as will the future’s in comparison with current professionals. Components of the position include advising an organization on technology information systems and designing and developing one that is ideal for them while staying on time and on budget. IT managers are involved in all planning and implementation stages and make adjustments as needed. Employers/clients will expect a smooth transition, so it is vital that the IT manager be able to coordinate the project team to meet these demands.

If you have been working in IT for a while, and are ready to take the next step in your career, the job of IT manager might be right for you. The most successful IT managers have these core qualities in common:

1.    IT managers have strategic focus. They understand what the organization’s goals are and perform their job with supportive strategies in mind. They use IT as an advantage over competing organization by being creative and prioritizing. Although they are focused, they are flexible enough to know when a strategy is not working and needs to be modified to meet the needs of the company.

2.    IT managers are detail orientated. Complex IT systems require a lot of attention from the conception to the conclusion of projects. Without meticulousness, there are likely to be increased instances of system failures, downtimes, and dissatisfied users – all of which are detrimental to an organization’s productivity. These things also reflect poorly on you, the IT manager, and will reduce other people’s confidence in your abilities.

3.    IT managers stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. IT systems are constantly evolving, requiring managers to be familiar with the latest developments. To do that they keep an eye on industry news, participate in conferences and webinars, and gain knowledge from a variety of other sources. Doing so also helps them to build a network of other experts who can share advice. It goes without saying that IT is a field that individuals cannot simply study once and then know all there is.

4.    IT managers are leaders.  They are the forefront experts in technology for the organization they represent, meaning that others will turn to them for leadership when it comes to new innovations. In order to be the guidance they need, IT managers must have strong communication skills and be able to work with other managers within the organization to meet big picture goals. Instead of being a leader who rules with an iron fist, modern managers help employees to be successful by removing barriers and sharing their knowledge. They do not hoard information.

5.    IT managers are dependable. Whether it is your superiors, your subordinates, or anyone else within the organization, as an IT manager you must be someone who is reliable. Timeliness and honesty are qualities that others will notice when determining if you are someone they can have confidence in.

Other important qualities include:
•    Organizational skills
•    Analytical problem solving skills
•    Flexibility
•    Team player attitude
•    Confidence under pressure
•    Strong grasp of technological information
•    Dedication to high-quality service
•    Ability to quote, budget, and schedule expenditures for projects

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