3 Big Reasons To Use An IT Staffing Agency For Your Company’s Needs

More and more companies are taking advantage of IT staffing agencies, and for good reasons. Technical staffing agencies use skilled recruiters to find the most highly qualified IT professionals to fill your company’s needs. The benefits are plentiful, saving you valuable resources and gaining you increased access to the best candidates out there. The best people for both permanent and contract positions can be found using a staffing firm. We have come up with 3 big reasons why we think you could benefit from using an IT staffing agency. See if you agree!

1. Staffing agencies allow you to save time.
Typically, hiring a new employee means first writing a job description and posting it in a number of locations. Your desk is then flooded with hundreds of resumes and cover letters that you need to organize and sort through in order to determine which applicants you would like to interview over the phone, pre-screen, and then conduct formal interviews with, which may or may not require multiple rounds. Following the interview process, the references and employment history of the person you have selected will need to be checked. Upon offering the position, additional steps, such as drug and background screenings still need to be taken, making the whole process seem like it will never end.

Staffing agencies can facilitate all of the above based on a discussion with a company representative who knows your needs. They will find good candidates using current networks of qualified IT professionals, as well as customized searches. Since employment agencies have new resumes coming in every day, the pool to choose from is larger and more likely to hold the right person. You will be able to focus on other priorities without having to worry about falling behind due to time spent on hiring.

2. Staffing agencies reduce hiring and labor costs.
While you are saving time you are also saving money, which in any industry is considered a very good thing. Each time you hire a new employee, monetary assets must be devoted to screening and training that person. It is not uncommon to find that despite a strong interview, the actual performance of the individual does not meet your expectations. This may require starting the process all over again. Staffing agency recruiters have extensive experience and know that a good interview is not the only determining factor as to whether a candidate will work out. Using an agency makes it more likely you will find that that perfect-fit person the first time.

Additionally, staffing firms provide the opportunity to “try out” a candidate first before committing. Contract hires can help you fill the needs of a 40 hour work week. If you do decide that this person is someone that would be valuable to your company in the long-term, a permanent job offer can be extended. If your needs are short-term, based on seasonal needs or limited by the length of a special project, you will save money by not paying for unnecessary time.

3. Staffing agencies increase your productivity.
Think about anytime you have started a new position. You were probably feeling revitalized with excitement and motivation to take on fresh responsibilities by storm. The theory applies to contract staff members, who are less likely to develop burnout, make mistakes resulting from a constant overload of work, and be frequently absent. At the same time, full-time employees are able to be relieved from certain work that can be handled by contract employees hired on an as-needed basis. This will increase their productivity as well.

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