10 Best Cities for IT Jobs (Part II)

We’re back with Part II of the 10 best cities for IT jobs! In case you missed it, here is 10 Best Cities for IT Jobs Part I from last week.

Read about the next five cities and share your thoughts in the comments below! Are you a techy who just relocated? Surprised to see a particular city on here? Are we missing any? Tell us about it!

6. Lexington, KY – Horses are not the only thing KY is known for. The “Horse Capital of the World” is also among the countries most desirable locations for tech pros and experienced 14% tech job growth. It is tenth among US cities with the highest college education rates and has one of the most stable economies in the country.

7. Fort Collins, CO – Located near Denver, Fort Collins is one of the most populous locations in Colorado. Money magazine has listed it among the best places to live for several years. Many tech companies, such as Hewlett Packard have offices in Fort Collins, and IT jobs are in demand here; contributing to the 14% tech job growth since 2007.

8. Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn jobs have traditionally been centered in manufacturing, but in more recent years, entertainment, high-tech firms, computer services firms, and accounting jobs have begun to grow steadily. Over the past 6 years, the area has seen 21% growth of tech jobs. IT jobs here give employees access to the quintessential NYC experience.

9. Huntsville, AL – Huntsville’s economy is driven by technology, which has grown 26% from 2007 to 2012. Avocent information technology products are headquartered here, as well as other leading companies, giving it the reputation of being an unexpected city to find some of the best IT work.

10. Provo, Utah – Tech job growth of 20% has impacted Provo, Utah, which is only about 43 miles from Salt Lake City. Provo has been hailed as a great place to retire, raise a family, and work; making it a great city for IT gurus who want to put down roots.

*The above growth percentages for tech job growth are based on data from Michael Mandel of the Progressive Policy Institute, and were published on The Atlantic Cities website.

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