10 Best Cities for IT Jobs (Part I)

Historically, Silicon Valley has been reputed as being the “it” place to be for tech jobs, but there are numerous other areas across the nation that IT pros can go to find jobs in their field of expertise. Though lesser known for being tech hotspots, these locations are creating more and more tech jobs all the time. If you are looking for a new job in a fresh location, consider one of these best cities for IT jobs (in no particular order!) to send your resume. Check back for 5 more next week!

1. San Francisco, California – With a growth in tech jobs of over 51% since 2007, San Francisco may have more to offer in terms of IT jobs than within the traditional Silicon Valley area borders.  Some of the most prominent internet companies have their headquarters in San Francisco, such as Twitter, Zynga, and Craigslist. The city is known as a financial and cultural center for Northern California and the Bay Area, with tourism being the largest private-sector employer.

2. Denton, Texas – Education services are the top employers in Denton, Texas, but the number of IT jobs is not to be scoffed at. Denton and the surrounding Denton County area have seen great growth over the past 5-plus years. Tech and information job growth from 2007 to 2012 exceeded 36%, and even non-tech jobs have grown in that time span (about 12%).

3. New Orleans, Louisiana – The number of tech jobs in New Orleans has risen about 33% since 2007. Last year, Forbes ranked it third for growth in information jobs; up five places in only two years. With employers like General Electric (GE), Louisiana’s science and technology sectors have been booming.

4. Boston, Massachusetts – Boston is known as an intellectual and political center, but it is also known for its technological influence. Some of the top schools are in Boston, sending tech experts into the world after graduation. MIT and Wentworth Institute of Technology are located in the Boston area, and with several of the world’s top companies located there and in need of IT professionals, it is no wonder that it has experienced 13% growth in tech jobs.

5. Ann Arbor, Michigan – High tech services, biotechnology, and health services are the leading forces of the Ann Arbor area. Having grown 15% since 2007, the area’s IT tech jobs support a wide variety of types of industries. Since MI tends to be best known for its automotive industry, it is only natural that even the governor has remarked about how vital IT is when turning out vehicles.

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